Hello Again!

It has definitely been... a while, since I even remotely looked at my website. I've mainly only used the domain in the last decade for my email address. So it wasn't until my friend Pqrshanth decided not to renew the GeekStorage hosting plan, something I was guilty of piggybacking off of (sorry mate, I owe you), that I decided to look into my blog again.

Fast forward 2 years and that never happened. I emigrated to another country and while I was between jobs, finally spun up an AWS instance and moved the website. Took me a while to find my backups, and even longer to decide not to restore them and instead start from scratch.

So here I am, starting all over again, more than 15 years since I first started blogging and fiddling with webservers, PHP and WordPress as a high school kid. I intend to write fairly regularly, and mostly random thoughts as a way to express again after closing myself off for years. Of course, I've changed considerably, as we all have, and as a result what I write about might not be what you signed up for (if you had at all signed up). So if you're reading this in an email or web feed aggregator, it's only fair we both do each other a favour and hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email, unless you don't want to of course, in which case I'd love to have you along for the ride.

TL;DR - starting to write again, unsubscribe if you must (no harm, no foul). Posts coming up in a few.