Akash Saraswat – Quality Assistant Manager, IBM

Santosh and I crossed paths at IBM and I must say that my association with him has been fabulous. A self starter, he was always on top of things and ensured that all transitions that he was at the helm off were seamlessly carried out. Innovation, creativity and efficiency are his forte. Whoever he took under his wings; he ensured that he helps them work without any help i.e. auto pilot.

It was a sheer pleasure working alongside with you and I surely hope we cross paths again.

September 4, 2019, Akash worked with Santosh in different groups

Prem Lal – Manager, IBM

It is a special and rare talent who stands out like Santosh. He is truly gifted and I am proud to have worked along with him. Dedication, hard-worker and smart-worker cannot be a cliché when it comes to a manager like Santosh. I could without a second thought rely on him to a perfect completion of any tasks assigned to him. The level of commitment and the responsibility with which he works makes it impossible for anyone to not notice him. I can with certainty assure and recommend Santosh to be an asset where ever he choose to work or whoever chooses to hire him.

Thank you Santosh for all your support and dedication you have provided to IBM and our team. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

August 26, 2019, Prem managed Santosh directly

Manuel Varghese Philip – RPA Developer, IBM

Santosh was my team leader for my nesting phase, I would say he was a man of passion towards technology. His deep expertise in various fields like Exchange, Cyber Security has helped us provide the best to our clients. He was an open book. I enjoyed every moment working with him and every moment you could learn something new from him. He was a great asset to IBM working as a Technical Lead guiding all the team leaders. Santosh will no doubt be a star in any company he joins. I wish him all success.

August 26, 2019, Santosh was senior to Manuel Varghese but didn’t manage directly

Benedict Roy L – Major Incident Manager, IBM

I worked with Santosh Ganjur for 4years and he is extraordinarily outstanding in his thought process and the way he works is Agile. He is a Good Mentor and good Team Player. He has always been open to Knowledge and been a helping hand to me as well my colleagues. Keep trying and Never give up is his strategy. Thank you Santosh for all your support and for the moments we cherished.

September 16, 2019, Santosh was senior to Benedict but didn’t manage directly